Love game #3: Heartline Ministries

February 8, 2010

What organization or cause in Haiti is your benefit/fundraiser donating to? Heartline Ministries, specifically their earthquake relief efforts, more info at

What does your organization/cause seek to do in Haiti?
They run an orphanage, a womens' program, a birthing clinic, a church, an english camp every summer, and untold numbers of small and large things to, as their motto puts it, "To Be The Hands of Christ in Haiti."

How long have they been there?
Since 1989.

Why should people be comfortable giving their money to your organization, in contrast to sending it somewhere else?
The short answer is that every dollar is spent on the ground in Port-Au-Prince, by people who have a long relationship with their neighbors there. To me, the photos on John's blog and on Beth's facebook page show such a more intimate level of care and service than some of the other relief photos I've seen in the media. I would hope anyone with concerns would examine these claims further, and give to whomever they can support wholeheartedly.

Describe your fundraiser/benefit:
A limited edition T-shirt available for purchase at, only a few left!

What percentage of people's donations will go to the Haitian people, administrative costs, etc. aside?
100%. The production costs of the shirt were covered by the generous gifts and time of friends. $17 spent on a shirt is $17 spent on the ground in Haiti.

How can people be sure that this is true?
For my own part with this T-shirt fundraiser, I'll be posting the donation amount transaction receipt when the fundraiser is done. Once it's in their hands I'd direct that question to the contact info for Heartline's Earthquake Relief efforts at .

If people cannot make it to your fundraiser/benefit, where can they donate?
They can donate directly to Heartline's Earthquake Relief work at

(photo via Barry Gott)