Love game #2: Child Hope International

February 5, 2010

What organization or cause in Haiti is your benefit/fundraiser donating to?
What does your organization/cause seek to do in Haiti?
Child Hope International seeks to rescue and care for impoverished children and orphans.

How long have they been there?
Since 2004.

Why should people be comfortable giving their money to your organization, in contrast to sending it somewhere else?
100% of money given to this organization is used to supply the needs of the children in the orphanage and surrounding area.

Where is it?
Our benefit for child hope international is in Auburn Calif. at the Masonic Hall, 956 Lincoln way downtown Auburn.

When is it?
Saturday, February 6th 3-7pm.

How much does your event cost?
It is a pasta dinner with live music featuring local artists,$5 children $7 adults and $20 for a family of 4!

What opportunities will there be for people to donate?
Silent Auction & Raffle, prizes donated from local businesses and artists as well as local wineries.

What percentage of people's donations will go to the Haitian people, administrative costs aside?

How can people be sure that this is true?
Ashley Hepak grew up here in auburn became a nurse and worked in ICU pediatrics for a couple of years , was told about the orphanage and their need, she felt led to go and left Auburn the day after Christmas to work in the orphanage for three months. After the earthquake the orphanage was  turned into a medical clinic were children were brought for emergency medical care, They are now in need of medical supplies, food, clean water and propane.

If people cannot make it to your fundraiser, where can they donate?
They can go to and donate. This site will also give updates on conditions.

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