love game #1: New Life for the Children

February 2, 2010

What organization or cause in Haiti is your benefit/fundraiser donating to?
New Life to the Children.

What does your organization/cause seek to do in Haiti? care for children who would otherwise become restaveks by taking them into the homes of loving, christian, Haitian families and feeding them, supplying clean water, education and medical attention when necessary.

How long have they been in Haiti? 
I'm not entirely sure. It's a Haitian founded and run organization. The church I have partnered with has worked with them for five years.

Why should people be comfortable giving their money to your organization, in contrast to sending it somewhere else? 100% goes directly to those hurting in Haiti. It's grassroots. It's 100% Haitian. They are the poorest of the poor. The media or any big goverment corp aid has yet to reach their area - Carrefour Feuilles (pronounced "car foo fay")

Where is it? The Masonic Lodge in Oakhurst, CA

When is it? February 20 and 21st

How much does your event cost? admission is free.

What opportunities will there be for people to donate? a modern "craft fair" with photography, quality jewelry, children's boutique wear, live music, baked goods, a caricature artist, and more. All arts and crafts have been donated by the artist so 100% of the money received will be sent to Haiti.

What percentage of people's donations will go to the Haitian people, administrative costs, etc. aside? 100% we are not taking out anything for administrative costs. Everything - time, talent, treasure is donated.

How can people be sure that this is true? you can read my blog to verify the time I spent with this organization in Haiti. I have about 800 pictures of the pastors, their families, the children, their caregiverts, etc. If you know me, you can take me at my word. I am the voucher for this. Those who know me know I'm trustworthy. Hopefully those who don't know me will see that it's personal by the pictures I'll display and by asking me any questions through commenting on my blog.

If people cannot make it to your fundraiser, where can they donate? here. Since the organization is based in Haiti and run by Haitians, they do not have a website. Haitians don't think "web-based." The church I have partnered with (Hollister Christian Fellowship) has set up a way to donate online, and all the funds go directly to the organization. Checks have to be made out fo "HFC" with Haiti on the memo line. I have been assured by Pastor Don (whom I have known for over 20 years) that the money in its entirety goes directly and immediately to Haiti.