relief work in haiti

January 21, 2010

My cousins, Don and Elaine, are about the coolest people I have ever met. They have given their lives, with increasing measure, to helping other people. When they're not going, they're talking about going - and I'm hanging on their every SINGLE word.

Usually they do work in Uganda (donate
 here to my trip to go with their NGO next summer). However, these people are what you might describe as terribly mobile - when a need calls - they go (check out their organization, Align, here). 
Right now, they are in Haiti doing disaster relief.
I asked Elaine to do a little interview with me before she took off.

What are you planning on doing in Haiti?
Right now we are sending a team of 4 people to access the situation.  Before we can send teams we have to make sure there is shelter, food, transportation, so all the logistics need to be put in place.  We will be looking for church’s that are sacrificially serving the community and then get behind them with future teams and resources.

Where are you going?                 
We will be going to Port Au Prince in Haiti.

What kinds of supplies are you taking?                         
What we need to be self contained so that we are not more of a burden on them.  Until we bring larger teams back to work in rebuilding and ministering the people in the IDP (internally displaced people) Camps.

What kind of work will you be doing?                    
We will meet the urgent needs of the people of Haiti. We will once again partner with the local churches that will then reach out to their hurting community to share the love of Christ and the hope He brings.  We feel this is so important to empower the local church in this catastrophe so it can be a beacon of hope that points the hurting community to Christ, not any organization or group of people, but to Christ!  In this way they are not only given hope for this life but for eternity.  It is a sad and hard to accept but many that survived this quake will not make it and they need to know Jesus.  Only Jesus can bring complete healing to their lives and give them the promise of eternity spent with Him in heaven.  This is an area of demonic oppression and Jesus has to be lifted up for all to see!! 

Is there a certain age group or people group are you Targeting?                                 
No, we are there to serve all people, regardless of race, religion, status or anything else, all people.

What kind of team are you taking?  
A team of 4 men and 1 woman.  It will be an assessment team

What do you expect to experience?
Pain, hurt, fear, despair at times, helplessness, being uncomfortable.  Power from the Holy Spirit, Gods almighty hand moving and working to bring healing and hope. Seeing God as my comforter in being so uncomfortable and that for me and so many He has to be ENOUGH and He is able!
What is your motivation?                         
To bring hope and healing that ONLY God can bring. The healing that only Jehovah Rapa can bring and that he can be enough, Jehovah Jireh can only give.  Many even if they make it through the earthquake may not survive, they need to know that this life is not it. 

What do you hope to accomplish?                             
We want to be Gods hands and feet, to be the visible invisible God to many by just our presence and loving them.  We want the local church to be that “beacon of hope” so that Jesus can shine in the darkness and many will find true and lasting hope for this life and eternity.
What can people do?              
Pray, give, go 
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