Nor cal recap

January 7, 2010
I move to Long Beach a week from today. My friend Ellen flies in Monday. On Thursday, we'll pack ourselves into my little Miata with the boxes I haven't moved yet, and do a little road-tripping.

I am exhausted. I've been cramming to try and finish these long distance classes I have - and if I sound like there is no heart or soul behind my blogging, it's probably because it left me when I realized just exactly how much I have to do, right smack in the middle of a test this morning. It was like question 35 when it hit me, "you will never, ever finish these classes. You will never graduate from college. Your life is over."

Don't worry, I'm about to rediscover my life and vitality with a cup of hot cocoa.

But for now, a re-cap.
I don't think events properly express the things I've learned while I've been here. But, like I said, a jillion tests to take, life and vitality are gone - you understand, I hope.

In August: I moved home to Northern California from the first time in five years after spending six months in DC, and two months living with friends in New York. I finished interning for United Press International. I got a job nannying. I went to all the places I had missed so much - like the American River, and Taco Tree. I ate up time with my family. Ellen came to see me. I started this blog.

In September: I started school at Sierra College, the 5th school I have transferred to. This time was improvement, since I was taking classes to transfer back into Biola. I started learning how to golf. I wrote a freelance feature article. I jumped off the Ponderosa Bridge for the first time. I started writing for a local newspaper two days a week. Jason came to visit me, and I showed him around as much of Northern CA as possible.

In October: We had a fundraiser for my cousin Maxwell. We had our family reunion. Ryan turned 18. I wrote another freelance article. I spent Halloween in Berkeley.

In November: I started free fallin'. I remembered my dreams. I did some more freelance work. I bought a miata. I spent thanksgiving with my family, my whole family, for the first time in five years. I had one too many, as my friend Angela would say, "not so much" dates and decided I'd spend more time with Sam instead.

In December: I moved my stuff down to Long Beach. I was in my cousin/bestie's wedding. I had some much needed girl time. Max relapsed :(. I had my first Christmas at home with my family in five years.


It's been a crazy/weird/wonderful/stretching/awkward/amazing five months. And I wouldn't trade the things I've learned for the world. 

(photos mine except the one of me and gramps - that one is from Bridget...who is going to show up in an interview in the next few weeks).


oaxacaborn said...

I love you SO MUCH, friend. You are a constant inspiration, a constant blessing, a lovely lovely beautiful girl. I'm so proud of you.

angela said...

it's been beautiful seeing you grow!