Nevaeh's Hope

January 6, 2010

Meet Krista, who started a non profit maternity home in my area. Her sister and I used to school together, and she told me that Krista has an amazing heart, and puts all of herself into the nonprofit organization she's working to get off the ground.

I'll let her do the talking about her organization:

Nevaeh's Hope is a non profit maternity home that desires to transform the lives of displaced, pregnant women and their children by providing educational resources in a nurturing environment where their physical, spiritual, and emotional growth promotes an independent lifestyle.

We seek to equip women and families to live according to Biblical principles rooted in a love for Jesus Christ. We intend to help them make a better life by coming along side them, educating them in job training, budgeting, health care, nutrition, safety, education, parenting/adoption, counseling, and other life skills.

There are many ways to use your talents, gifts, time and donations at Nevaeh's Hope. You can mentor a mom, assist with childcare, be a fill in house parent, do a work project, provide transportation, help with fundraising, donate items, or teach a life skill. You can also become a blessing to Nevaeh's Hope through your finances. We are only able to provide a continued nurturing environment for these women through your continued generous support. You can give in the form of a one time gift, become a monthly donor, organize a fundraiser, attend a fundraiser, bring community awareness, or tell a friend.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about Nevaeh's Hope, please look us up on our website, or e-mail us at

Thank you for spreading the word about Nevaeh's Hope. We recently finished our 501c3 to make us tax exempt and completed our first fundraiser on December 9th. We still need to raise approximately 20,000 before we can open the home here in Roseville. We are looking for churches, schools, and businesses to do fundraising through such as the baby bottle program where we pass out baby bottles in a church or school and people fill them with change and we pick them up the following week. We also are going to be putting on a dessert night fundraiser in February with a silent auction. If you know anyone who would like to volunteer to help at any of our fundraising ventures please let me know.

You can let her know here:

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WE LOVE NEVEAH'S HOPE! you can also become a fan on facebook.

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