Miracle: Hope for Max

January 11, 2010
Remember my cousin Max, whose cancer just relapsed?

Well, it appears that the bad news just keeps coming. After the initial shock of every other relapse, we were able to start bouncing back with news of treatments, and Max's positive response to them.

Not so much this time, so far.

I don't have a lot to say. I just pray. And I'm thankful for time I get to spend with him.

A friend of mine texted me earlier this week, and said, "this is the type of situation where you might get to experience miracles."

I've been thinking about miracles all week. It's not everyday you find yourself in a miracle type situation. And, not to be cliche, but I feel that one is in the works with all of us joining together to make Max's Miracle Fundraiser possible.

Perhaps you read my post on Max's fundraiser (link above), but you aren't local, and you were wondering what you could do for Max. Or, maybe, you're like me right now, and you can't afford any kind of "significant" seeming donation.

Enter Chris Hennig's idea of breaking poverty (or need, in this case) into bite sized chunks:

For $3, you can be the proud wearer of one of these fabulous bracelets - one of which I am sporting, and plan to wear until a miracle comes around.

Buy one (or more) here.