helping haiti without spending a dime:

January 19, 2010

For those of you who, like me, don't really have a dime to spend, my friend Cara (who adopted two little boys from Haiti, and continues to be an inspiration to me whenever I think of her) wrote a facebook note last week titled "How YOU can help Haitian orphans in five minutes or less without spending a dime." Her note is a letter draft she took the time to write, and send to three different senators. Aside from saving you money, I just want to note that this letter will also save you time, as all you have to do is sign, or rewrite a bit, and send it on. 

Thanks Cara!

Go to here and click on your state.

Dear Senator _______,

I would like to ask, in light of the recent catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, that you would use your position of influence to push for the release of Haitian orphans from various orphanages throughout the already impoverished and now shockingly devastated country.

Haiti is home to approximately 8 million people, 1.2 million of whom were orphans before the quake. That number increased dramatically on January 12, 2010. Many families have been in the process to bring home their Haitian children for three to four years. And now the paperwork that's been keeping American families from their beloved children, inching its way through the broken process has been buried in a sea of rubble and dust. Government offices have been leveled. Employees are missing. Recovery of all that's been lost is simply not possible.

Before the quake orphanages were full to capacity- having to turn away kids in need on a weekly basis. Now, with damaged facilities, limited food, water, and medical care they are especially ill-equipped to handle a surge in the local orphan population. Children are sleeping outside in streets and open fields, their old beds filled with debris, waiting for protective walls to be repaired or rebuilt, all while their American families wait, desperate for news, wishing with all their hearts that they could hold, comfort, feed and care for them.

We must get these children out of Haiti immediately. Please encourage the United States government to grant Parole status to the country of Haiti so these children can receive humanitarian visas, American families may be united with their Haitian children, and "earthquake orphans" may find hope behind safe walls after losing everything else.

(photo hers).


oaxacaborn said...

You have no idea how many times I've cried with joy about your brand new sister...and cried to Jesus about all the little ones still there.