baby girl

January 27, 2010

My sister smiles at anyone who walks into the room. She's shy at first, but once she knows you, she'll teach you to sing, teach you to dance and she'll laugh with you - to tell the truth, she'll laugh louder than you do at almost anything you think is funny - every time.

Best part is, she doesn't speak your language, so sometimes she's not even sure what you're laughing at. But my sister is the kind of person who gets laughter - she gets that it's easy on the heart, easy on the belly, easy on the soul. She lets herself laugh hard, and she lets herself laugh long and she lets herself laugh loud whenever the urge hits her.

She's the kind of person who sings when she needs to. Tonight, the boys turned Akon on - used to be that they turned him on just because they liked him, but now I think it's mostly in the hope that she'll dance and sing with them. Not five minutes later, and her voice came from the bathroom - "You SO BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!"

Sometimes I think that she's someone who believes that everyone is beautiful. We went through the magazines and books at Sam's club today and she pointed at every single woman on every single magazine cover, and told me she was beautiful. I'll be honest - I did, in fact, tell her that Paula Dean not beautiful.

But anyways,

She is also color blind. She draws pictures of all of us together, and she never switches from her brown marker. We all gather around and ask who is who, and tell her how beautiful her art is.
Last night, when Daddy asked where he was in the picture, she giggled and drew a tiny little man with big hair. Oh how she laughed when he saw it!

Tonight, my brother was low on joy - we could all tell. He  went to bed without talking about it, only to come back in saying he couldn't sleep.

Mom found him a few minutes later, curled up with baby girl.

She's 15 years younger than I am - and I'm taking lessons.

(photos mine)


kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

those photos of your brother with your sister got me all choked up. what a lucky family you have.