real christmas

December 22, 2009
In the midst of cancer rearing its dirty head in my family - and not just my family, but the youngest in my family,

in the midst of my best friend getting married this Sunday,
in the midst of Christmas,
in the midst of packing for another move,
in the midst of getting along better with my brother than I have in months,
in the midst of the hustle and the bustle,
in the midst of trying to maneuver in giant mall parking lots wanting to scream at people for not letting just one more car in front of them when there's a little boy I love who is sick,
in the midst of getting ready to be away from that boy - and the family I've gotten used to seeing every day,
in the midst of being back with friends I haven't seen for months,
in the midst of figuring out loans for next semester,
in the midst of trying to finish up last minute classes over break, 
in the midst of the crazy...

I want what's real.

No band-aids, no masks, I'd like to kick the crap to the curb and focus on the things that make it worth waking up every morning.

I've loved this dialogue for about a year and a half now - I think it's brilliant.

Merry Christmas. Truth, after all, is what Christmas is about right? It's about forgiveness, and the worth that God finds in people, and the way that He became like them, so that anyone can start their life over from the top, and be saved:

from cancer.
from facades.
from hopelessness.
from impossibility.
from loneliness.
from themselves.

I want hope like that to hold onto. Don't feed me anything less.


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

I have been battling cancer for a few years now... He can do it. If I can. He can.
And he will.
And you will be there.
And it will make you all stronger.
And I can say I know this.

He is in my prayers.
And so are you.

Merry Christmas.