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December 15, 2009 

Charity:Water had the fabulous idea of offering holiday gifts that provide people across the world with clean water. You open a bracelet on Christmas morning and feel warm and fuzzy with the knowledge that whoever gave to you gave water to one person in a developing nation for 20 years, and etc. Only problem being, what if your mom doesn't want something that says "Charity:Water" in big white letters?

Enter all kinds of gorgeous gifts that give back.

I did a little googling last night, and found that a few of the things on my list are on the list of gifts that keep giving. I hope you're inspired.

Shoes: Yes please.

How about some fabulous Tom's? You get a pair of shoes, a needy child, also, gets a pair of shoes.


We all know how I feel about it. But how about not just any coffee - how about Grounds for Change? They are suitable to the taste of the most snobbish (like myself), but also happen to be fair trade, and they do coffee fundraisers if you have an organization that is trying to make some mulah:


How about a World Food Programme Feed Bag: Carry around the hefty knowledge that you have provided a child with a full year of school.

Or, perhaps, a Mend bag from Invisible Children? Every bag is made by a former child soldier.


How about buying them through a Charity Denim event? Better yet, scheduling a Charity Denim event where your friends can get high quality denim for a discounted price - WHILE donating to charities like this.


The Amani Ya Juu shop has all kinds of gorgeous stuff that supports marginalized women in Africa:


Phoenix said...

This is such a great idea! People are always wanting to donate to charities and make the world a better place but aren't always sure of how to help.

Fantastic post ;)