my boys

December 30, 2009

I have a knack for attracting the kind of situations that make that little voice of reason at the bottom of my stomach groan, and hide under my left lung because it can't handle the pain.

Renee Zellweger could have a heyday with my life.

Shanley Knoxes diary could, I'm sure, be a blockbuster smash hit if we could only find the right producer.

This weekend was no exception.

....Thankfully, Bridget Jones and I DO part ways when it comes to family.

Although I want to KILL Gramps sometimes, my Uncle David is a jerk for saying that I will never stop sucking at golf and my uncle Jim calling me assface throughout the holidays last year was entirely uncalled for - at the end of the day, the men in my family are there to dance/laugh/eat the night away when everyone else has gone home.

This weekend, they spun me faster than anyone else on the dance floor, grinned at my dork moments, kissed my cheeks and made me feel like a million bucks even when I had to be sewn into my dress because the zipper broke.

Daddy grinned and chuckled when I spilled (red) wine down one poor marine's shirt.

Uncle Rassie gave me a big smooch and called me a "real find" when Gramps embarrassed me beyond recovery.

He also introduced me as "Legs Knox" on Christmas night, and asked more than one person if they had, "seen the legs on that Knox girl?"

JP came running to find me, garter high on his sleeve, to yell "hunny come get down with me!" while I was having a serious conversation outside.

Blake ate all the food I didn't want on my plate - with a grin.

Roger spun and spun and spun me - as much as I wanted. Once, he even spun me four times in a row.

Ben (my girl's groom) picked me up in my little black dress and spun me off the floor - more than once. I giggled every time.

He also grinned and told me that Free Fallin' was played in my honor. 

Mario introduced me as his second daughter, and drove around all morning before the wedding to help my panicked self try and find a tailor to fix my broken dress.

He also took special care to sing Shot through the Heart at the top of his lungs with me towards the end of the night...oh did that make me happy. 

Alex gave me half his champagne when I accidentally finished mine before the (endless?) toasting was over (but really, who knew Gramps was going to get up and sing the Marine's Hymn?)  - and gave me a good wink.

          Here's to you boys.  You keep my world keep turning - and I love you.

                                                    (most of these photos were taken by my Aunt Terri)


Alexis said...

Such a cute blog... I was just thinking about how all the guys in my life like my dad and uncle and grandpa can be so protective sometimes, but then again I wouldn't trade it for the world because those men in my life help make me who I am even if i wish they didn't sometimes. I love your thoughts on this blog and I love you Shanley Knox.