Max turns 8

December 21, 2009
It was Max's 8th birthday yesterday. 

I'm so thankful for Max. I'm thankful for his laugh, for his smile and the words that he says. I'm thankful for the way Max shows love to people around him, whether it be giving his siblings a toy that was rightly his, or taking the time to give every one of us a huge hug - no matter how fast he's running to get outside to play.

I'm thankful for the way that Max has real faith in God, and not only in God, but in Jesus. I'm thankful for the way he prays for miracles in his life, and shares them with the people around him when they come true.

I'm thankful for Max's love for life and for all of us. I'm thankful for the hope in him, the courage in him, the strength in him.

Max's cancer relapsed again this weekend. I feel like Max is one of those people Jesus just doesn't let any of us take for granted.

I love you Max, and I'm praying.

What you can do.


angela said...

oh max, we're all praying, sweet boy. the Lord is using you; let Him shine.