a bestie kind of week

December 29, 2009

Truly, the most exciting part of my weekend (season? year?) was being in my best friend's wedding.

She's amazing. She's beautiful - and I love her husband almost as much as I love her (well...maybe not, but you get the point). It considered it a huge honor to be a part of her day...a day that we've been giggling about for a long time now.

We laughed under the sheets at night. We drank too much coffee, ate too much fudge and enjoyed ourselves immensely...even after I spilled my drink all over her husband's roommate (graceful move #1), fell over while being spun on the dance floor (graceful move #2) and had my glorious up-do damaged while dancing the salsa (graceful move #....15?).

Point being, you need some visuals, and I don't have pictures to put up yet. But they're coming. And my, oh my, did we look fantastic!

For this post, I'm going to branch off and go other places with the girlfriend theme. Another one of my besties was home last week, and took me out to lunch in downtown Auburn to catch up. Sarah (my Peach, as I call her) and I, also, have laughed under the sheets one too many times, cried together, gotten in trouble together, eaten pizza only hours after she got her wisdom teeth taken out together, showed the boys how to mud-bog together, danced a little crazy together, made everyone around us wonder about our sanity together...it was so good to catch up and hear how well she's doing for herself.

(Watch out! Her photography is going to be on the cover of Francis Chan's new book!)

 We also did a little te-a-te after the Christmas Eve service we both attended, where her lucky daddy landed himself smack dab in the middle of one super-fine, super-fun sandwich :)


Ashley said...

That's exciting! I love Francis Chan. My church just finished going through Crazy Love, and I can't wait to read the book on my own.

Phoenix said...

What cute pictures! And what an honor to be a part of your best friend's wedding...I'm sure you made her celebration just that much more amazing :)