Freddy Nugz unites for the needy

December 23, 2009

My friend Fred (or Frednitianioliana, as he is known, mostly, only, to me) impressed me a few years ago in my friend's kitchen when he pulled out his guitar and started picking out incredible things, beautiful things - things that made me sit and hold my cup of tea and stare at the floor.

He makes beautiful music.

Not only that, but Fred is one of those friends that creates beautiful things - memories, laughter, conversations. Fred and I met in English class my first semester at community college in New York, when I started helping him with his English homework (being the English nerd that I am) and we have been hanging out mostly ever since. My favorite memory with Fred was when we set a night out to hang together, and not to plan anything. We drove around in his jeep in the rain until we came up with ideas. We failed by walking into a really fancy restaurant in wet jeans. We succeeded when we laughed in the car about the hostess' face when she saw us.

This Christmas Eve, Fred's band is hosting a charity event and - if you're in the Binghamton area - you should, at least, contribute, if not attend:

Tell me about your band?
Band Members:

Freddy Nugz- Vocals/Guitar

Roy Clark- Drums

Jimmy "hell" Chamberlain- Bass

Our band name is Freddy Nugz & The Uniters. We decided on the name "The Uniters" because it made the most sense for our message. Right now, especially, people are in hard times, and we know that. We are also in hard times, and we want to show that in this recession it is the things that we do that will ultimately change our futures. It is not something that we can buy, and the only way we can accomplish anything of any worth is to "UNITE" as our album is appropriately named.

How did you start?
Well as you can tell our name starts with "Freddy Nugz". This is because I wrote all of the music and I was originally playing as an acoustic solo act. Roy is a long time friend and former bandmate who was not involved with any projects but very insistant to be a part of my music so we got together. Jimmy was someone who I knew through other friends and I knew him from other bands locally in our area. He heard the music and asked to be a part of it as well. We started in June.

What kind of music is it?
The music varies from hints of folk, rock, acoustic, indie, and whatever else comes through. It is an original sound we think. It is harder to explain it than hear it thats for sure.

What kinds of shows are you doing now?
On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month we play at On the Roxx in Binghamton, NY. They are the ones hosting the Show and Clothing Drive. In between we play other bars and are currently set to play at "The National Underground" in NYC on January 14th...if you go tell them you came to see us!

What got you into music?
I saw my friends playing instruments with each other when I was about 14 or 15. I had never seen that live before, and it really intrigued me. Eventually I attended a local battle of the bands and I just thought it was the coolest thing so I kept going with it and now its a part of my life that I couldnt imagine living without.

How do you feel music enables you to express yourself?
Music not only allows me to say what I feel strongly about, but it allows me to set the tone and the emotion in a way that just writing doesnt allow. For me that is important because I have a lot to say.

Tell me about your event?
Our event is on Xmas eve. I felt like I needed to do something that directly impacts the people who I'm trying to reach, and at this cold time of the year I thought that collecting clothes could help people the most of anything. We are donating what we collect to local churches that are giving the clothes to people in need, not places that will sell them.

X-Mas Eve at On the Roxx
73 Court St Binghamton NY
It will go from 7pm-11pm we felt that this was the best time of the day to do it.
Whether you come to hear the bands, or to drop off clothes we hope to see people come and show support.

What inspired you to do something unique, like finding your own charities to take clothing to?
We just didn't want to do something like raising money in a foundation where we have no idea where the money is going, or how its being spent. If we collect clothes, then we can give those clothes right to people in our communities. I encourage other bands to do the same types of events in their areas.

What do you hope to accomplish?
By having this show we just want to contribute to our community. As a whole? I want to make a change, physically. I want to see things change, and I know that just by getting everyone involved who cares, we can do it.

(photo 1. via Nick of York photography. photo/graphic 2. Freddy Nugz photo 3. K-betz)

ps: this is my last post until after Christmas - I have boxes to pack, a flight to catch, and a best friend to be a bridesmaid for. Until then - Merry Christmas!


Ashley said...

That was awesome! If I was anywhere near New York, I'd go for sure!

That reminds me of a band I saw in Downtown Denver. They had a sign out for donations that read, "We're not homeless, but our friends are," and it was a bunch of different types of people all getting together and jamming. They looked like they were having a blast, and they all connected. It was really beautiful.

Good luck to your friends! I hope their shows are successful!

Freddy Nugz said...

It went great we collected a lot of clothes, thanks again for having us in your awesome blog!