Dear Nor Cal:

December 10, 2009
was this entirely necessary?

My last move was, apparently, not quite drastic enough.  After leaving New York from Washington DC, and finding, alas, that there is also snow there, I thought that I might escape it in (of all places) Newcastle, CA, where it has never snowed, as long as I lived here growing up...and only snowed once in my mother's entire life growing up here...


My toes are frozen. My car battery started having problems. I almost slipped and fell on my way into the move theater. My poor Miata started sliding sideways in a parking lot this morning.

Dear California: this was NOT in the plan.

Here's to hoping that my pending move to Long Beach will have better effects - but I'm having my doubts.

Dear Al Gore: ?


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Just remember there are a few of us out there that depend on the snow for our livelihood. Or at least for all of our good times!
Plus you can't hate on something that makes life all that more magical! ;)

*Eli said...

I would love it if you would come to Minnesota and take pictures of real snow, Shanley. :)
Mandi and I miss you!

Shanley Knox said...

hey, hey now. I DID live in New York for five years...

Phoenix said...

I'm in LA and dating a New Yorker. He told me last night that the cold snap we're getting was NOT in the brochure. I told him I'd remind him of that in October when it's 99 degrees out.

Snow is fun and great, but I get your point about extreme weather and having it land in towns that were not built to survive most of Cali.

Anonymous said...

The best part of this post, hands down -- "Al Gore: ?"


angela said...

oh al. you liar.

i'm cold too, shan. let's get away.