December 16, 2009

Last night, while Caleb was sleeping, I thought about how much he has taught me this semester. He's been growing me as a person from the first time I met him, when he was rolling around his living room on a skateboard on his belly growling like a dinosaur,  to last night, when he drug out his four foot tall fan to blow off his top ramen.

Caleb has re-defined normal for me. He's taught me that normal is what you wake up with every morning, not something someone else defined as normalcy. Whether you wake up every morning knowing your son is battling leukemia, or without a care in the world, what you live is normal for you - and that's all that matters. For Caleb, Asperger Syndrome is the new normal. He was diagnosed just last year, and we're learning together what normal is now.

I've learned that normal is being reminded, every time we do homework together, that Caleb is way better at math than I am.
I've learned that, sometimes, when the bath is so hot you think you're going to be "incinerated," it's normal to run out of the bathroom naked to get big handfuls of ice.
I've learned that dinosaurs live in Roseville, and that time travel, truly, does happen - usually for the purpose of bringing back extinct mammals.
I've learned that loving has to do with huge long hugs, and being understanding. Like when you've been told to clean your room about sixteen times, and just need to know that the person frustrated with you is still willing to tell you that they adore you.
I've learned that trains are the coolest form of travel, and that they need to be fought for - kind of like people fight for human rights, some people fight for "train rights," and take strong stands to keep them from becoming extinct. Someone's gotta do it.
I've learned that every man needs his daily sulking, and that I shouldn't be afraid of gross images on animal channel because, well, they're just simulated.
I've learned that it's normal to make loud growling noises while you're reading.
I've learned how almost every whale in the ocean jumps backwards - and they all do it differently.
I've learned that it's normal to walk into Peet's coffee and eat every single sample off the sample tray while your nanny is trying to order herself a mocha before she takes you to school.
I've learned that you should never underestimate your importance to someone.

I've learned that sometimes a job is so much more than just a job.


Aaron Klein said...

Beautiful post...

Ashley said...

That was simply beautiful! What a rewarding job you have!

Claire said...

I love this post.

angela said...

now i really want to meet caleb. and possibly be a bit more like him!

Phoenix said...

What a fantastic post. You sound like such an amazing mother...and it seems that you have patience and love to give in spades. Caleb is so incredibly lucky.