When taking a one night trip to Berkeley...

This weekend was beautiful for me in a few ways:

1. I spent time with my cousin, Connor, who I used to swear I was going to marry and ice skate in the Olympics with, until my brother told us we would have deformed children. I haven't seen him in a while, but we caught up real fast. We dominated at rock band together. We looked fantastic together. We laughed together.
2. I took my friend Em with me. Em and I were best friends as little girls. We did everything together, and we haven't spent quality time in about ten years. We talked and talked and talked, and laughed and laughed and laughed. We slept on Connor's huge couch together and tried to keep each other's feet warm all night. We giggled over the Berkeley track boys. We helped each other keep our fake eye-lashes on. We used girl code to make fun of people around us.
3. Em and I found a Peet's coffee in the morning and ordered the exact same combination (a small mocha and lemon poppy seed muffin) without meaning to. By the time we got in the car to come home, we couldn't talk enough. We talked and laughed and shared about what we've missed the whole way home. It was wonderful for my heart.

(photos mine)