Veteran's day

 (photos mine)

Happy Veteran's Day Gramps - I know you can't read this, because you don't know how to turn on a "damn computer." But I love you, and I love hearing your navy stories - and how they grow bigger and better with time.

I love how you say "what's going on sis?" when I walk into the room, and ask  me all about school every day. I love that when I first say hi to you in the morning, you say "It's about time you spoke - I was worried!" I love that you tell me to come sit by you and watch Fox news, "because it's good for me," and the way you will play Glenn Beck over and over again if I missed somtething you think is important.

I love the way you make me laugh when everything seems down.

I love the way you have always been to everything important in my life - from my ballet recitals to my soccer games (where you yelled so much at the ref one time that I cried), to my highschool graduation, when you flew to New York, and scared my boyfriend shitless trying to get him to join the NRA.

I love the way you come sit by me and smoke a cigar when I'm doing homework on the front porch, and call me "darlin" when I bring you coffee.

I love the way you complain about eggplant, and try to get me to put salt and pepper on my salad. I love that, even though you can't carry a tune, you've been telling me how to sing since I was little, and even though you've never written an article in your life - you tell me how to be a better journalist.

I love the way you ask if I'm alright, and the smell of near beer and cigars that I get when you hug me. I love all the memories I have of riding in your jeep, and of you cheering for me when I beat my boy cousin's in races when we were little.

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You make the sun shine for me - all the time. I feel safe when I'm with you.


Aaron Klein said...

I love your Gramps and I haven't even met him yet!

And Fox News is good for you, just like reading the New York Times is. Diversity of perspective. :)

angela said...

i <3 your grandpa. and i appreciate all veterans. i called my uncle today to thank him. we don't talk much. that was apparent when he told me to take care of my son.

Emily said...

Dang, i miss that family. Def. made me cry...I love you Grandpa so much!
And i love you Shany-po for writing these amazing articles. :)