Orphan Sunday

I think my work with orphans began partly because I was running. I was running from my own self focus. I was running from a life that wasn't leaving a mark. I was running from normalcy, and from insignifiance. I was running from a typical college experience. I was running from a summer job, dating my boyfriend and feeling like I was just existing. I was starving for something more.

What I didn't know at the time, was that my work with orphans also began because of how it was going to change me, teach me and give me a reason to think about someone other than myself. I didn't know that it was going to open my heart. 

My work began in Haiti. I was scared to death to go, only to leave Port-au-Prince kicking and screaming. I didn't want to come home. I suppose when something gives you meaning outside yourself that's how you feel.

I've been passionate about orphans ever since I held them, loved them, laughed with them, cried with them. Once you've rocked them to sleep they aren't a statistic. Once you hear their voices you know that one person's work is significant, if only because that one person's life will be changed forever.

I don't think I could ever affect these children's lives the way they have affected mine.

Aaron and Cacey Klein, dear friends of mine since I was a little girl, have similar feelings about orphans and adoption. Currently working on bringing their daughter, Emma, home from Ethiopia, the Klein family also adopted their son Spencer from North Korea two years ago.

Aaron and I had a little chat yesterday about his latest endeavors to share the word about orphans. Next on the agenda? Orphan Sunday, and it's coming to your town:

Me: What is orphan Sunday?
Aaron:  November 8 is the first ever Orphan Sunday. It's a project established by a diverse group of organizations supporting adoption and orphan care. That includes Cry of the Orphan Campaign, Show Hope, Christian Alliance for Orphans, Focus on the Family and Family Life Today. It's a day to raise awareness of orphan care and adoption.

Me: What's happening?
Aaron: Steven Curtis Chapman is doing a live concert on Sunday at 2:00 pm. It's going to be a national webcast airing on orphansunday.org. We're hosting a celebration of two years since Spencer came home from South Korea, along with showing the webcast. We're going to use the afternoon to discuss how we can raise awareness locally.

Me: What was your motivation to start adopting?
Aaron: I would just say that it was clearly God's plan for us to start a family. I've never doubted that. We're born again Christians, and if we want to act what we believe out, we need to seek out justice, encourage the oppressed and defend the cause of the fatherless. I think it's everyone's responsibility, but especially those who claim to be Christians. Not everyone can adopt or do foster care, but we want to show that there are so many ways to do something.

Aaron and Cacey are Noteworthy #4 - pictures and information to follow next week!

What you can do: contact Aaron. 

(photos mine - taken in Port-au-Prince, Haiti)