happy is a yuppie word

November 24, 2009

 It's been three weeks today since the big dumping. It's been quite the ride, from eating almost an entire pint of ice cream while watching Bridget Jones, to crying over the fact that my doctor got my new cell phone number from asking my ex for it, to driving too fast with the windows down blaring "Since You've Been Gone." And, while it's been hard - it's been good. And I don't think I can honestly say I would change the way things are. I've learned too much. I've grown too much. I've become too different.

Now, While I do believe in taking the high road, and I've tried - oh I've tried - to be nice and friendly and to focus on the good, every girl has to squeeze in a few guilty pleasures....and, at three weeks, I have to say that I'm proud to announce that guilty pleasures are FINALLY making me smile, and this is improvement.

It's Thanksgiving week, and I do plan on posting about the big things in my life that I'm thankful for - like my family, my incredible friends, the experiences I've had and the beautiful ways I have watched my life piece itself back together over the last three weeks. And while I know that some of you may judge me for such a godforsakenly shallow post, I'll just ask you - are you watching cop shows with your Grandpa tonight instead of driving to the Sacramento airport to pick up a certain sweet boy who called and cancelled just three weeks before his long awaited arrival?

I didn't think so.

So, without further do, I just want to say that a few little items I picked up this weekend are mending my little broken heart in some big ways...

Happy Holidays.


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

I bought 2 of those same things this week.
And for the same reason.

God bless retail therapy!

Claire said...

Wheeeerrrreee did you get those shoes? The comfy ones (the ones that aren't the boots, though they are cute as well)? I've been looking for them and haven't been able to find them in this ridiculously too small town.

Shanley Knox said...

they are Steve Madden - but sadly I'm not much help because I got them at Crossroads - which is a 2nd hand place for designer stuff :/.

Carsen said...

I adore the head piece.

oaxacaborn said...

I <3 Steve Maddens. And Lucky Jeans. And you. Of course. ;-)