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I was recently discussing new media with a professor at Medill University. We talked about the opportunities it presents to expand the lives of others. He sees the purest use of new opportunity as the expansion of knowledge, both for oneself, and for one's readers. The question, "what are others looking for?" should be our overpowering drive, and finding the answer should create opportunity for us.

Perhaps you're looking for a local charity that needs your help, or for a fresh perspective on Northern California, or moving. Maybe you wanted to know about a local restaurant, or maybe you just needed a good laugh. I'd like to think that that's what we're doing here. I'd like to think this is all about something bigger than myself, and that this blog is a way to get beyond myself.

Did you watch Julie and Julia? I've been that girl lying on the kitchen floor yelling with food on my apron far too many times to count. I've been one of those self-obsessed, miserable creatures with a pony tail. It's exhausting.

I'd like to create a forum for others.

Today, I'm assuming that you're looking for a photographer in the making. 

My post on Jan Kapple Klein started a brain child I suppose I'm finally giving birth to. I feel that the art that exists in a place often shows its true spirit. And, I don't think you have to be a professional to know how to capture the places you love.

So, I give you Justin Witt, a senior at Colfax high and a wearer of the classiest man vests you have ever seen (I smile every time I spot him in one). I love peeking in on his photography on facebook, so I asked him to answer some questions for me last night:

How did you get started on photography?

My uncle mike, a wonderful photographer himself, once asked me, "so how would you shoot that" as he snuck up on me shooting a swan statue at a family wedding. I was totally oblivious to his meaning at the time and was caught dumbfounded as i pondered the possibility that there was more than one way to take a picture. So i guess in a way my uncle mike, unbeknownst to him, spurred me to discover this whole new realm of artistry, and from there it was freshman year photo 1 and junior year photo 2 as well as advanced photo and then this year it is yearbook and multimedia (aka: graphic communications).

What most often inspires you?  

I don't know.. whatever i find beauty in i guess. But not beauty as most people think, i see beauty in ugly more often than i do literal beauty, and in some ways, i guess, that is a gift. For example, i see as much beauty in a freeze frame close-up of a soccer player heading a ball as i do a sunset. The sweat and hair exploding with emotion of pain and joy, yellow teeth clenched with hope, that is where i find the most beauty: in the little moments others will never get to experience, there i get the chance to share a small piece of the beauty within the ugly.

Who inspires you?

God inspires me, every subject i shoot was created by Him and the best i can do is capture a two dimensional picture that conveys an aspect or two of its magnificence. Other photographers and artists inspire me as well, those who can see the world through eyes i can't make me believe that maybe, just maybe, my view could mean something to someone else as there's meant something to me; so, since my fingers are practically numb, i use a high-tech looking glass instead of a brush or pencil.

What about photography inspires you to keep working at it? 

What inspires me in my work is all the new ways to view to same old thing, as well as all the many new things to be seen. For example, if i can capture a 45 minute sunset onto one frame people can see every color that sunset produced blended onto one rich canvas. Or, if i can shoot the most ordinary pencil in a light or angle or position it has never been seen before i have freshened-up someone's day and renewed a small part of his or her outlook on life, and that makes me happy: sharing small pieces of happiness with someone else makes the world a brighter place.

Your four favorite photos you have taken: 


angela said...

i would be one proud mom to hear my high school senior talk like that. and with all that talent to boot!

yeah, i said it.