greetings from denver

My friend Jess and I used to run in the rain. We used to run in the snow. We used to run in tank tops, sweating, in the humidity. We wore hats and mittens when we could see our breath.

We became soul friends that way - talking, laughing, groaning, holding side aches - "one more mile shanley!"

She kept up speed on the flat stretches, pushing me to consistency. I pushed us up hills.

We learned life that way, talking, crying - sometimes running in the middle of the night, if I was awake enough - if there was anger enough, confusion enough.

We stretched in New York's old cemeteries, lifting our feet to head stones, sometimes sprinting up its grassy knolls.

We shared intensity, emotion, loneliness - trying to fit in somewhere new. I learned that I wasn't so out of the ordinary after all - or if I was, she was too.

We shared honesty.We line danced. We cooked. We did far too much yoga for beginners. We took drives. We went used book shopping. We shared ideas.

When we both returned from working with orphans overseas, we shared that too.

She has become a treasure to me, reminding me it's okay to buy myself mochas on the hard days, and squeal on the ones that make my heart sing. And, much of the time, being the sister I never had, and encouraging my heart to believe truth.

Jess sent me a link to this artwork by Soul Soup this morning. Found: in the Denver airport. Like me, she's penniless. Like me, she sends photos of what she would buy her friends if she could.

Thank you friend.

her miracle
came unannounced
...and in an odd
It looked different than she had imagined
...yet fit perfectly
divinely constructed
for her

sometimes you laugh
you know... that funky
sidways smirk
and I know
everything's going to be alright

when she desperately clutched her dreams
they would often wiggle free and swim away
it wasn't until
she learned to swim
that it became clear
...they were trying to show her the way...

with years came courage
and they finally faced off
she and herself...herself and she
eye to eye
they looked
each other over...
sized each other up...
and cried enought for two
she ultimately noticed herself as gentle and kind
herself decided forgiveness
was deserving of she

Its about 'Big Love' she professed
and letting go...
...and bulging vulnerable hearts
and the honest truth
and the profound choice we make everyday
to live our lives in color
and choose love again

Standing in the light, doesn't require a sturdy spine. Just a courageous soul...willing to turn and face the sun.

find the rest here. 


Carsen said...

baahhh!! I love it!

jasmine said...

this post is beautiful.

Jess said...

you're beautiful.

even when you're sweaty from running in NY humidity with someone who doesn't want to stop..."just one more mile, Shanley Jo!"