a day with the crazies

Yesterday, Aunt Jamie and I took the crazies to Six Flags. Sam yelled "SIX FLAGS! SIX FLAGS!" over and over and over again when it came into site, peppered with some "MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!"'s. In order to get the full effect, you really need to imagine Sam's eyes popping out of his head and his whole face looking like he's in complete shock while he yells "SIX FLAAAAAGGGS!" over and over again. You're probably starting to get the picture...but it was truly too much for words.

Watching Max run like a normal 8-year-old after going through such a serious battle with his cancer relapse this year was truly the best part of my day. Auntie and I kept smiling watching him run to rides, run to get back in the front of the line on rides...run because he could. He's so many peoples' hero, Max is.

We danced in the middle of crowds.

We raced.

We rode the cobra about 30 times in a row.

Aside from a puke-fest I had after riding "Kong," the day was great. If you were at Six Flags yesterday and you saw a girl lying on a bench looking dead, don't worry - it was me, and I ended up fine after about an hour.

Thanks for your concern.