allow me to be frank...

November 20, 2009

I have NEVER posted a video before, so you know this one is worth watching, now don't you?

My friend Val sent it to me. I laughed watching it. I wanted to cry watching it. It's the message my mother keeps trumpeting, my friends keep trumpeting - "you weren't too much - or not enough - or if you were, it's okay, because someday you won't be."

I've also been listening a lot to this song.

A friend told me to capture my thoughts and center them on one reality when they start swirling - I've oft captured the self-depreciating ones by walking around humming "you don't need to change a thing, baby..."

Other times I try and remember that that it takes most of us (if not all of us) a very long time to get the point where we finally see that our words are expensive. What was true once should be true forever. I'm learning that those words are sometimes just things people say. And if foiled romance was what it took for me to get that, so be it.

Sometimes the dreams we hang our hat on are things people feel, and feelings change.

I'd like to believe that the things that matter are the things that stand when no-one is saying them, like who we are on the inside, and the reasons people love us even when we're grumpy and we cry a lot. I'd like to start hanging my hat on the kind of truth that is true even when no one is saying it.

A rose is a rose is a rose.

It doesn't matter who calls it. It just is. 

Most the time I think that the truths that stand are bigger than we are, like patience and selflessness, and the fact that people keeping loving us because of the love that is in them, and the choices they make about us, not because there's something inherently irresistible about us.

And the rest? "They're just things people say, baby..."


Kora Bruce said...

I absolutely love Griffin House - he really is the nicest guy.

So glad this song found you and loving reading all your thoughts and insights on the whole situation.

Ps. You and I need to talk orphans one day soon. I have some questions for you

Anonymous said...

HURRAY!!!! I the new look. (And I love you.)