Things I miss

When I was 12, my parents took us to Washington, DC for three days.

It was then that I told my Daddy I would come back and live there someday, and that I would write.

Last November, I called him squealing because I had an opportunity to live there for the semester - and then squealing again when I found I could stay for the summer.

Now that I'm gone, I miss so many things about my city.

 I miss breakfast on Saturday mornings at Jimmy T's with my roommates.

        I miss going taking friends to O'connels in Alexandria when they came to visit.

I miss running the steps at the Capital at night, apologizing to people walking in suits beside me, feeling the cold air after studying for long bouts of time.

I miss Chinatown.

I miss the rain.

I miss the conversations I overheard on the metro.

I miss this girl!

       I miss the rooftop at the apartments where I lived - it was a perfect spot for sunsets.

I miss the colors and the history.

If you're there tonight, give your city a second look for me - notice the things you forget to stop and look at. You're walking through a place with so much life - and a place I loved.

(photos mine) 


angela said...

beautiful shots as always. i understand that whole inside that missing someplace leaves.