Things I love

Have I mentioned how much I love fall?

Aside from being the season for my favorite kind of pie, apple cider, hot cocoa and pumpkin carving, fall is the time of year that shows off nature's most beautiful colors.

It's also the time of year that pumpkin spice lattes return to your favorite local coffee shops.

And, it's the time of year that gives you a whole day for wearing anything and everything you want without judgment.

In Northern California, it's the time of year that rain has starts to fall more regularly, and the time you get to start wearing your favorite sweaters

However, the part of fall that I am MOST excited about today, is that fall is the season for wearing your favorite boots! Being the shoe-lover that I am, I wore two pairs today:

First, I went to school in my Urban Outfitters slouchy pair of boots:

In between work and school, it started to rain. When you work as a nanny, you get to pull of things like polka dotted rainboots. The weather called, and I gladly obliged:

(photos mine)

Sidenote: the Starbucks across from Sierra College is selling burnt coffee today, further proving my ever present point that coffee is best at small local shops, or at Peet's. Also, the low fat turkey bacon and egg white breakfast sandwich? No bueno...


angela said...

oh how i love your rain boots. mine are black with white polka dots.

Crystal said...

I want some rain boot just like that for under my wedding dress...

Crystal said...

rain boots*