Succulents and the last of summer

October 13, 2009

Since cool weather began to hit us a few weeks ago, I've been promising Sam that we will carve pumpkins soon.

My cousin Conner and I are preparing our joint costumes for a Halloween celebration in Berkeley.

Boyfriend promised me he'll look at tickets soon to fly and see me for thanksgiving. I'm counting weeks - six today.

Everyone left over from the reunion shared tea on the porch and sat in blankets on Sunday afternoon. I sat on the railing with my cousins and laughed and talked, happy that fall is here in all her California glory, and is bringing us closer by keeping us inside, or under awnings, and reminding us of the importance of being home together.

Northern California is beautiful in so many unique ways. Today it's raining, for the first time this fall. I wore socks and flip flops to yoga (as usual, so I can take off my shoes and get on my mat without touching the dirty floor). By the time I got to class (late), my glasses were dotted with droplets and my socks were soaked. But it smells deliciously like earth in Northern California when it first begins to rain after a long hot summer, so I didn't mind so much.

When the wind blows here in Grandma's yard it drives the left over buckeye leaves to the ground. She called me to the front room today to notice the almost naked branches losing the last memorials of our dry summer. The oil is being chased off the roads, and in the cool weather, with the wet on my clothes and the chill from my damp pony-tail, I felt justified in buying myself a breve latte this morning. Also making me happy - these pictures Jan Klein emailed me for a story I'm writing about her on

(photos via Jan Kapple Klein)


Jan Kapple Klein said...

Shanley ... you continue to bless me more than I can say and you give me nothing but pure joy... You are my angel baby.
Jan Kapple Klein