Study Habits

October 1, 2009

Probably I have the worst study habits of anyone.

(photo via Cameron Knox)
I think it's a great excuse to eat lots of ice cream, over caffeinate to the max, and pop pop corn at random times throughout the day. I also feel enabled to read on the toilet for as long as I want to without guilt, and I think about all the music I want on my ipod that's not there - subsequently causing me to waste time looking up songs I don't own on project playlist in order to avoid having to buy them and spend money. Then sometimes I get caught up seeing if I can get them to download from project playlist, and I think of someone to send them to on facebook - and it's all over.

I also think of it as a time to text or call everyone I forgot to talk to about obscure things I wasn't focusing on when I could think about whatever I wanted.

This morning, it was my brother. I called to bother him about sending me some photos of his art, and told him he needs to set up an Etsy account so his stuff can reach a wider audience. I then suddenly told him I had to go because of a big guilt pang reminding me of the books piled on the wicker chair outside.

But, I'm taking a break right now, and he sent me an email with a link to his flickr.

He does not have an Etsy account set up yet, but his work can be found here. He picks up projects when he can, and would love to do more. He can be reached at

(photo via Cameron Knox)


Chuck Wilson said...

Man, I had to go through two pages of blogness to get back here. You are a writing fiend. Thanks for giving me some exposure.