The Schaeffer fund

 I remember the first time I went to the church I grew to love in Santa Clarita, California.
I knew it was home when the pastor told us that normal service had been canceled because one of our missionaries had been shot.

He said that people who love Jesus adapt to each other's needs.

He had a sermon prepared, but it could wait.

Instead, we watched videos of the missionary's family, circled up, and started praying in groups for all the needs we could think of. Later, people met those needs, paying both for the missionary's medical bills, and for travel expenses so he could come back to the states to heal.

1st John says that love casts out fear. I think that means it takes the place of fear. It fills you up and the things that were in you before loved arrived are pushed out of your heart, bit by bit. Love pushes out fear of giving, because you might not be able to keep enough. Love pushes out the fear of saying the wrong thing, because you know you need to say something so that your love is known. Love pushes out the fear of being around broken people, because you know that you must show up.

Love takes the place of selfishness, pain, ugliness, replaces the deeds of the flesh with the fruit of the spirit.

But that's just what love does for us. I see so clearly in my own life that love changes me so that I can change things for other people. I can be there for someone emotionally because my love has overpowered my need to be alone. I can speak truth, because love has taken the place of my desire to keep silent.

I can give, because love has taken over my desire to take...or to keep.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, love teaches us to give sacrificially.

As we love, we lose this deer in the headlight feeling about tragedy. We have purpose, beyond our own grief.

Today, an avenue opened up for those who love the Schaeffer family to have more of that kind of purpose.

I know that it's not really kosher to talk finances, but, as of this afternoon, you can help the Schaeffer family directly through sending donations to the NBT bank in Deposit. I believe that this is an opportunity for our love to go an awfully long way:

Dave and Shirley Schaeffer Fund
NBT of Deposit
105 Front St.
Deposit, NY

If you are not comfortable with sending funds directly to NBT bank, please email me. I will give you the private address of a friend of the family who is accepting and depositing checks for the Schaeffers: 


Catherine said...

"Love takes the place of selfishness, pain, ugliness, replaces the deeds of the flesh with the fruit of the spirit."

I like this post and think you're absolutely right.