Ryan's birthday

My little brother is 18 today.

Ryan is the other middle child. I think I actually bit him for real once. He laughed when I twisted my elbow and wrist trying to ride our (littlest) brother like a horse when I was about 10. He sneezed on my face one day in the car - and laughed again. Last Christmas he flicked a booger across the room and it landed on me. He was just laughing about that on Sunday....

But he moonwalks, and he has a swell falsetto. He makes us laugh a lot, even though he is usually laughing harder at himself than anyone else. He helps me to take myself less seriously. And, more than any of the rest of us, he has overcome some incredibly difficult physical roadblocks through Chrone's Disease an auto-immune disease that showed up in Ry five years ago.

Through hospital stays, broken joints, drastic bouts of weight loss and times where he couldn't play his (beloved) basketball, Ryan has kept his chin up and he's kept us laughing (or gagging) consistently...

(photos mine)

We celebrated his 18th on Sunday, along with our cousin Blake's birthday (his 18th was a week ago).

You know by now who you'll be seeing lots of pictures of. Uncle Dave gave him a huge piece of chocolate cake. He wanted me to take several pictures of him with his mouth open and cake falling out. I took about five. I posted one (I know - terribly disappointing).

Bay was a little more ladylike (even human-like?) in her cake-eating habits:

We had a grand time!