My Girl Crush

Once in a while, a blog post has to come out as a confession.

I guess that's what's happening right about now.

Confession: I have a girl crush on the entire Sacred City Derby Girls roller derby team.

It started on Sunday night, when my cousin (and best friend) Amber and I (pictured below last Halloween when we officially first became very good friends - our anniversary is coming up!) went to their practice so I could get some pictures for an article I was writing on them for the Auburn Journal.

We whispered a lot about how we wanted to play roller derby, until Amber finally looked at me and said, "Probably they would make you cry." And I looked at her, nodded yes, and then said, "But I would learn to be tougher!"

Anyways, I'll gush for a minute, because that's what we did while watching them practice. These girls? They are absolutely kick-ass, but they're cute! They have amazing tattoos (we were jealous), some of them have pink helmets and pink skates (also jealous), and their team label is a beautiful Mexican-looking skeleton (Amber is half Mexican - she was super jealous).

They're nice, but they're tough, and funny and they know what they want and how to get it. Amber and I just sat on the couch in their warehouse whispering "do you think they sell those cool sweatshirts?" and wanting to be their friends.
By the way, they are going to be selling their shirts... "coming soon"
You, too, can get to know my new heroes. I've written about them below: 

‘Tough’ derby gals have giving side 

(photo via Rena Garcia)

Rena Garcia is about as tough as they come.
The daughter of a Marine, Garcia helps coach the Sacred City Derby Girls, a Sacramento-based roller derby team. Complete with a large tattoo on the left side of her neck and one on each forearm, Garcia and her bulging biceps would make her an intimidating opponent in any game, not to mention roller derby, one of the toughest contact sports around.
“It’s a very empowering type of sport. I’ve never felt this way in any other sport I’ve played,” Garcia said. “It shows you exactly what you’re capable of.”
But Garcia’s strength comes from more than her tough exterior. As a new Auburn resident, the part-time Pizza Express employee owns her own clothing business, Leppard Lady Fashions, and regularly uses her position as a Derby Girl to make a difference in her community.
Along with 33 other teammates, Garcia is making a visible mark on the greater Sacramento area. This year, the Derby Girls were named the Leukemia Lymphoma celebrities of the year.
Keep reading...

What you can do: The derby girls are huge on charity! Tomorrow they have a bout, and they are donating $5 from every party bus ticket bought to the Red Cross.


Chuck Wilson said...

I want to meet the Derby girls.