This weekend was wonderful.

We laughed, we talked, we drank far too much coffee. We had pumpkin pie.

I think parts of me became new.

Moving puts to sleep certain parts of you, I think. You forget, sometimes, what a kindred spirit feels like.

I bought this card years ago, and have kept it on my mirror wherever I go, reminding myself that what often feels like a heartbreak is only a season of refining. It says, "Then, when it seems we we will never smile again, life comes back."

Life came back in a few ways this weekend.

Gina and I spent the day at her kitchen table. We talked, we laughed, we listened to music. We shared stories. My heart warmed slowly, like the marshmallows my mother cooks a little further from the fire than the rest of us. I could feel myself slowly growing, expanding, becoming ready for life again inside. I didn't realize I was lonely until I was with friends.

We spent some time at Bloom, a coffee shop Gina discovered in Roseville. We loved it.

We also laughed a lot:

And, I was overjoyed to find thata local artist is supporting Charity:Water, one of my favorite Water organizations in Washington.

(photos mine)


Carsen said...

I totally get the "moving around=not having close friends" thing. Glad to see your weekend was as great as you hoped for!

(but maybe can we get together sometime?)

popewhitney said...

Hey Shanley -
I've been enjoying your blog... your writing is beautiful.

: )

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Gina said...

I had such an encouraging time with you this weekend! What a great reminder of shining hope -- and of knowing that life comes back, it always does, even when we think the darkness will not lift.

I love you, friend.