Tuesdays = much better than Mondays.

October 6, 2009

5 things to love about Tuesday:

1. This songthis song and this song

2. Jan invited me to bring boyfriend to her house when he comes for Thanksgiving! She winked and told me she would help me sell him on CA. Thanks Jan! Please, please, please don't forget to visit Jan's blog and leave her a comment too - she needs to know people are reading so she keeps posting. Also, she called me a rockstar, which deserves having all kinds of well wishing sent her way.

3. My friend Leah agrees with boyfriend that I should head to the DR for break, and asked where to send funds - HOLY MOLEY!? I didn't even ask for them yet!

3.5 (it really relates to #3 in too many ways to be fairly called #4). This website.

4. This collage from one of my best friends growing up, Sarah. I found it last week and might have raved a little bit overwhelmingly. I love it! I'm in the process of scolding her for not having a website...

5. Grandpa loves me so much that while I was walking down the driveway talking to a potential employer (that's actually #5 - the fact that I might have a second job), he yelled to Uncle Robert (standing beside him) while looking at me, that I am never off the phone and he never gets to talk to me (false - we talk a lot, trust me). I adore him so, the big poop (don't tell him I said he's a poop - I know some of you reading this know him - I mean it, not a peep - he has no idea how to get on and view my blog!).