Have a morning moment on me

October 9, 2009

Please start off your morning with your favorite coffee blend, and this song.

Then, today, I believe your time would be much better spent reading Stefan Merrill Block, than stumbling through my words.

Our Harper family reunion (Gramma's side) starts this afternoon. I am running around today trying to put together a memorial table for those of us who have gone to be with Jesus in the past year, picking up a camera from the Auburn Journal for my night with the Derby Girls on Sunday, and finishing up some homework I should have done yesterday (so maybe I am using Block as a cop out, but do you really mind?)

Happy drinking, reading, listening....happy weekend.

"THE May when I was 14, the coyotes bayed wildly every night. Their cry was a mournful sound, and for good reason: North Texas real estate developers had suddenly colonized the coyotes’ land; suburban sprawl was unfurling across the plains on which they had once chased rabbits among fields of wheat. Instead of their creek-bed den of bramble and bush, there was a zoned triangle of immaculate green sod, named for the displaced: Coyote Creek Park. Still, for a time, the eponymous animals would often startle us from sleep as they howled in angry consensus, like anarchists rallying in their slums to overthrow their oppressors." keep reading.

(photo from the beloved book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak)