Happy Weekend!

If you're honest,

you're probably a little bit jealous of who I'm hanging out with this weekend:

Judah Gustabe is an expert banana ("nana") eater, pig noise maker and happens to be quite the shoe connoisseur. She is currently learning three languages: English, ASL and Haitian Creole. She tries to be humble about her stunning Haitian skin, but I'm jealous anyways.

Angela Farfield, a human rights advocate, beautiful photographer and greeting card creator worked for a long time as a house manager for an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is currently living near Yosemite, CA with her daughter, Judah Gustabe, who she returned to the states to raise.

Gina Munsey, newlywed, designer and green options writer was born in Mexico, but spent her early childhood years in Eastern Europe. Once a Michiganian, once a Floridian now a Northern Californian, she keeps busy keeping the rest of us informed about gluten free eating and green living. She's also married to a graphic designer. They are (quite) the dynamic duo.

Maybe you're not jealous because you're one of those people I'm secretly jealous of at the mall on Saturdays who always seem to have close friends on call. They're always laughing or talking and giggling with someone they've know for years on end....
If you are, don't comment. Don't you dare steal my thunder.

....that whole best friend since kingergarden giggle at Macy's with your favorite Starbucks treat every weekend thing doesn't work so well when you move a lot, I've discovered.

Anyways, the point is that I'm overflowing with excitement. I've got the butterflies. I'm almost nervous. It's been a while since I've had honest to goodness close girl time, and I'm so darn happy!

We're going to talk about things like design, photography, writing, food, love, laughter, truth, life....and probably a little bit about boys, if we're honest.We might even eat chocolate and have more coffee than any person in her right mind should.


(Photo 1. via Angela Fairfield, 2. via Carsen Gray 3. via Gina Munsey)


angela said...

sad. i read this now and i am gone.