Going places?

October 5, 2009

Every few months I get this all-too-familiar urge inside me.

My stomach starts churning. I get little itchy feelings on the bottom of my toes, and in the arches of my feet.

My hands start aching. My lap starts feeling empty...I start thinking about all the possible ways I could raise money...and then I start praying about whether all the things I am thinking are REALLY a good idea.

I put it out of my mind.


and then...if it keeps bugging me for weeks and weeks on end...

I start googling, and I find things like this...and like this.

And I procrastinate on studying Spanish by looking at search engines like this, instead of studying the many uses of Ser and Estar. And, I email myself links like this.

And I start thinking that perhaps I'm a 20-year-old single girl with journalism and human rights experience, a huge love for orphans and a desire to GO because I should.

Point being, if you know of an orphanage I should be visiting over Christmas break, or you'd like to help me get where (hopefully) I'll be deciding to go (more details - I hope - on that to come), comment with your ideas.

What is your organization? or Do you know of a place I should be going? or Where have you gone that I should go?

(by the way, the two last links listed are great resources if you're looking for a place to volunteer overseas - the first lists all different places in Africa, the second is all different Christian orphanages).