Cooler than seeing Whip It

October 7, 2009

(photo of scene in "Whip It" via google images)

So, I don't exactly get paid for writing right now.

As in, my bylines are my payment?

Which is cool, except for when I need more money than I'm making at my (paying) job.

This is one of those weeks.

However, like they say in the mastercard commercials, there are some things money can't buy. And while money can buy you a ticket to see Whip It, you really will end up less cool than what I get to be for free - as made evident by the Sacred City Derby Girls saying I could come do a wee little photo shoot at their next scrimmage/fall lesson!

(Sidenote: maybe I should take a falling lesson while I'm there? I could certainly learn to be a little more graceful, as I learned at the Foresthill Bridge last week).

How many times in your life do you get invited to a skate derby practice? I mean, these girls are pretty bad ass. Although, they told me they actually don't punch each other in the face - a misrepresentation of the derby culture by miss Drew Barrymore.

But anyways...(and even more exciting) I'm going to go on the party bus to their Oct. 17th bout in Sacramento and sit in the VIP section to watch the action! Even more exciting? ( know that that "exciting" was so high pitched your nails started hurting - I promise this is the last one) $5 of every ticket sold for the bout on the 17th is donated to the fire victims from the Hwy 49 fire. Next week, I'll be posting more about what it's like to hang with the derby girls! Okay, I lied - more exciting than that? They're huge on charity, and I will be able to post about what they are doing in the local community.

Wanna come?