Backwoods kind of blogging

October 8, 2009

Deposit, NY is a little town on the Delaware River in upstate New York. I lived there for (about) five years, with a few breaks thrown in for semesters in Southern, CA, and time in Africa and Haiti. The baby town was a lot of things for me. It was a place to start dreaming. It was a place to write. It was a place to walk and take pictures, to learn about people that had lived entirely different from me for a very long time, and it was a place to meet boyfriend, who I would rather not have kept on living without!

My friend Tanner, per a long conversation we had today, has started blogging about his life there. A native to the area, he has some fresh (and humorous) insight - and he happens to be one of my favorite people.

Deposit: It's Just Me!

(photos mine)