Welcome to California, Fall!

September 29, 2009

Yesterday, we went to Ponderosa bridge, where sweet boy was welcomed into Northern CA after cousin told him and I to climb in the back of his truck, and we bumped and banged into each other on the dirty, windy, rocky road one has to take to get to the bridge, where he jumped at least three times like a champ.

I was glad we went yesterday, because this morning we woke up and it felt like fall for the first time. We bundled up and had coffee on the porch, where sweet boy teased me about telling him over and over again not to bring warm clothes. For lunch, we went to the Auburn Ale house (recommend it!), and then he patiently complied while I got all giddy and made him drive by the house I lived in until I was seven - and probably told him way too many stories about things I did when I was three. After that, we walked across the foresthill bridge, which happens to be the highest bridge in CA...and also happens to be in XXX, making it an important stop (I fell on some broken glass when we walked beside it to see the scenery underneath and almost cried like an idiot).

We celebrated fall with a pumpkin spiced latte, and some pictures in a couple of my new clothing items mailed last month from FL. I do SO love having friends who send hand-me-downs on a regular basis.

(photos mine - some w/timed delay)