An (unexpectedly) eventful Wednesday

September 9, 2009


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I guess you could say I've been whiny. Moving presents new opportunities - but they have to be found - and I've been in the process of finding for the past six weeks (I know, I know, it doesn't sound like THAT terribly long of a wait).

Today, glory broke through the clouds and gave me some reasons to do my own little victory dance down High Street in downtown Auburn.

My dance took place after a successful 10:30 am meeting with editors of the Auburn Journal, where I will be writing at least one article a week - thus plugging me into the local community, and giving me new opportunity...all at once.


My friend Em was filling in for her vacationing uncle at her (other) uncle's pawn shop down the street. I walked in just as she was leaving, and took her home where we had a fresh cup of coffee in celebration of my new opportunities.


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