September 12, 2009

It smells like home today.

Rain teases us - like I remembering it doing here when I was little. Will it come?

The weight of missing my California home while living in New York came out in grief over the absence of nature's familiar wonders. Rain in New York never brought out the smell of fresh earth. Clouds rolled in there - here they creep.

I missed the slow fade of summer. In New York fall snaps in with bright colors. A friend used to tell us the trees were like "a box of trix."

They were.

I missed dry buckeyes, green oaks, star thistle. The star thistle in Northern California makes music in its dry stocks, like stiff violin strings set to be played by the wind: God's divine bow.

The music He plays today tells me I'm home.

 A half an hour later and it's like a holiday here. Rain brings us all out on the porch to enjoy it together. The dogs run through us licking, getting our legs wet with their fur, tongues out, smiling.
Grandma yelled "WOWEE!" at the wind and started opening windows.

Gramps told me yesterday he's so tired of the heat - God must have heard him.

Here's change, right when we needed it. Dust clouds rising, fleeing away to the West side of our property, dry leaves popping, the edges of the porch shining with wet, the drops whispering  "welcome back home girl, welcome home, welcome home..."

Speaking of Water: if you're in the DC area, check out UPI's multi media event "Our World: Our Water" on Sept. 23rd. More to come on that...for now, get your info here.

What you can do: Contact UPI for a list of water-related organizations that could use volunteers, or download their press package for information on the event's many levels of sponsorship. Contact: lhodge@upi.com. Tweet with the hashtag #ourwater to spread awareness.

(photos mine)