I'm diving in...

September 9, 2009

(photo via weheartit)

Packing my stuff and flying back to live with my family in Northern California was one of my harder decisions

I wanted to stay in the middle of the busy, I wanted to keep moving forward...and, to be perfectly honest, I wanted to stay near my boyfriend.

Human rights, and specifically human rights for women and children, have become my passion over the past few years. That passion took flight in Haiti, grew during time spent in Uganda, and began to take shape while I spent time in Washington writing for United Press International, and helping to spearhead their Global Water Issues website.

Here, outside of Sacramento, I feel bummed that I'm not GOING and doing, but I've come to believe that while we can't go, we still do, and the doing, for me, comes in telling the stories of those who need our help.
I'm going to talk human rights. I'm going to talk children. I'm going to talk water. I'm going to talk photography, art and writing (true confessions, I'll probably blab a little about my family and friends too).

Here in Newcastle, CA, I'm reminding myself what it means to take deep breaths and finding joy in re-learning the places I grew up in. Here, I'm trying to "bloom where I'm planted" by bringing my passions home with me, and living them out as best I can.

Happy reading...