I love Max

September 14, 2009

 Saturday night was the "I love Max" benefit in Foresthill. Max is my cousin. He's seven, and has had Leukemia since he was two. Just recently, Max relapsed for the second time and had to go to San Francisco for a few months for a bone marrow transplant. His little brother Sam, four, was a perfect match for him, and kindly donated his bone marrow, although he did attack the doctor and asked to, "get out of the stupid room." Thanks to Sam, Max is doing awesome now!

The community in Foresthill decided to have a whole day for Max, beginning with a "cut a thon," which raised about $600 in haircuts for Maxwell, and a 6 pm dine and dance that kept us busy till midnight. Tickets sold out, the trip-tip was fine and we danced and danced and danced. Max showed up for a few minutes to claim his celebrity status (he's in the picture wearing a mask to keep out germs) and then went home because he's still not supposed to be in large groups because of his compromised immune system.

I was busy dancing most of the night so I didn't get a lot of pictures - Dad was doing air guitar in the middle of the floor by himself so Mom and I had to rescue him, and Grandpa was teaching me to jitterbug...etc. and etc. It was an amazing night with a fabulous turn out! I love how amazing people have been to my family. 

What you can do: Leave me a comment and I'll let you know because, well....I have connections.