"Hey I'm redneck woman...and I ain't no high class broad"

September 10, 2009

 So my boyfriend races quads, I love fried chicken, ferris wheels and mud bogging (I am an expert mud bogger), and last week I spelled avocado with an "a" instead of an "o." I also secretly envision that we have a love story somewhat like The Notebook or Sweet Home Alabama, and that I'm classy and he's country and we turn out beautiful babies someday -  but I didn't think I was actually of the redneck calibre until I moved back to California, and started living in my grandfather's gun room. That's right, sleeping on a mattress underneath a wonderful deer head, looking at an elk head on the wall across from me along with a signed picture of John Wayne over the loading counter that is currently filled with baskets for my clothing...I also sleep beside a gun case, so if we were ever robbed, I would probably yell really loud for someone from upstairs to give me the combination...

But TODAY, yes, TODAY, I became a rootin' tootin' redneck. Grandpa returned from Alabama, and brought me a camo tank top. My first ever piece of camouflage clothing.

Damn straight.