Eli Meets Athens

September 17, 2009

Eli and I lived together in Washington, DC and she's about the most passionate, fantastic person I've ever met. Funny as hell, too. In fact, we spent several nights together sitting on the kitchen counter in blankets talking about the deeper things in life and eating chips, ice cream, leftovers...really anything we could find.
That just shows what kind of amazing person Eli is.

Eli went to Greece to work with refugees before she came to DC, and we loved sitting and listening to her stories, and feeling her passion for people.

This is her blog from Greece.

A little Q and A with Eli to come later...But for now, a little snippet from her first post in Greece:

I arrived safely in Athens, with my luggage, only a half hour late.
Woke up at 3:00 a.m. to the sound of tornado sirens in Council Bluffs, but with the help of some amazing girls (Thanks again Kalie and Laura) I made it to the airport and departed without a hitch.
It finally hit me that I was off on my own to a city I knew hardly anything about and a language I couldn't speak...all alone. I spent most of my layover in Philadelphia weeping, much to my discouragement. I was for sure that I would feel all Ms. Independent (cue Kelly Clarkson), but feeling overwhelmed and weak is all part of the process, and I think it was good I felt it.

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