Tacoma's got it right

September 5, 2009

In many ways,  I think Tacoma's got it right - I found the Beautiful Angle project, and now I wish I was a Washington regular, so I could see designer Lance Kagey and writer Tom Llewellyn's work for myself as I travel to work and school.

From Wikepedia:

Beautiful Angle is a guerrilla arts poster project in Tacoma, Washington.[1]. Approximately once per month, graphic designer Lance Kagey and writer Tom Llewellyn create hand-crafted, letterpress posters and then distribute them around the city's downtown core via wheat paste and staples.[2].

How amazing is it that these two guys just decided to use their talent to make a difference for locals as they go about their daily lives!?

All posters taken from, and for sale at the Beautiful Angle Poster Archive